Dearest One

Dearest one,
Compliments of the season and how are you today,I hope fine. Before I proceed I would like to introduce my self to you.
My name is Usman Gambo,Director International remittance department Central bank of Nigeria (CBN).I have urgent and confidential business Deal preposition for you.
There was a Foreign Contract award that was over invoice to the sum of $5M.I personally over invoice the contract to the sum of $5M for my personal use and investment project.
With all due respect to you,Please let me know if you can handle the $5M with you while i make an arrangement with my wife to meet you first on receipt of the funds with you before my arrival?
Please i want you to be rest assured that we can conclude this very transaction in few days from now as the arrangement to move out this funds to you is ready as i am only expecting your favorable response for us to proceed.
This is a clean and straight forward bank deal, it is safe and risk-free as i am highly involved as I have taken care of all necessary steps to ensure a hitch-free movement of this funds to you.
Please write back so that I can inform you with the details but if my offer is of no interest and no appeal to you, delete this message and forget I ever contacted you.
Please send your private phone number so that i can call you for further guide line.
I await your reply,
Yours faithfully,
Usman Gambo