Crude Oil Investment

I propose that we become partners in a crude oil sales project under the umbrella of the National Petroleum Agency.


My message is to introduce you to this highly prospective crude oil sale venture. What do I mean? I propose that we become partners in a crude oil sales project under the umbrella of the National Petroleum Agency of Sao Tome and Principe, Johannesburg Liaison Office. In this project, we will register either your company or a joint company with the operational board unit of the Petroleum Agency; re-assign an already allocated crude oil sale license to the company and act as representative of the Petroleum Agency in selling of crude oil to the end buyers.

With my network in the agency, I have assisted Snitch Services, a company base in Bermuda and operated by Mr. David Russell to secure a crude oil sale license allocation in 2005.  This license allocation is for the sale of 120 Million Barrels of Bonny Light Crude Oil [BLCO] for a total period of 5 years. The license allows him to sale a maximum of 2 Million barrels of BLCO per transaction/shipment. Mr. David Russell could not actualize his dream in this project as he could not find buyers whom will buy the crude from his allocation on a normal “Free on Board” and did not have the financial strength to sale on a Cost, Insurance & Freight [CIF] sales transaction. In the normal FOB sales transaction, the crude oil buyers normally arrives the loading port of the seller with their own vessel to buy the crude while the seller has to buy or hire a vessel to deliver the crude to the end buyers in a CIF sales transaction. Mr. David Russell was unfortunately struck by stroke ! which made him to be incapable o


My proposal entails packaging you as the crude oil sales license beneficiary to Mr. Russell. We would re-assign the sale license to your company’s name. This will give us the mandate of the agency to act as their crude oil sales agents/representative. The re-assignment of the crude oil sale license allocation your company will give us the privilege to operate as first lifters/sellers of crude oil from the block. This attracts a USD2.00 discount per barrel. This USD2.00 discount per barrel is our commissions from the agency. Example: The prize of the product per barrel is presently USD69.00. We will receive the product from the agency at USD67.00 per barrel and sell to the end buyers on the normal market prize of USD69.00 per barrel thereby making a commission of USD2.00 per each barrel of crude sold to the end buyers. Also being able to get final buyers entitles us also to a USD1.00 discount from the discount given to the end buyer as “mandates”.

As we are going to be selling a maximum of 2 million barrels per month from the block, USD2.00 discount from local petroleum agency sums up to USD4 million per month. And USD1.00 discount from the end buyer comes to USD2 million per month. This totals to USD6 million gross coming to our group per transaction/per month. On equity sharing ration, both of us will be netting in a cool USD6 Million as profits monthly. This proceeds known as commissions will be shared equally on equity between the both of us at the end of every sales operation month. This implies that shall both go home with USD3 Million each.

As a staff of the agency, am not officially allowed to operate a crude oil sales license or engage in any personal profit oriented crude oil deal under the same agency were I work. This is why I seek a partner whom I can assist to secure the license and work as a facilitating partner in arranging for all the sales transaction between the agency and the end buyers and also ensure that the commissions from the sales is paid out to my partner in due time. These commissions we will share equally as equity partners. My obligations as the facilitating partner is to work from underground to make sure that the license is transferred to your company’s name, make sure that all the 2 million barrels is completely sold to the end buyers and also ensure that our commissions is directed to your company’s banking co-ordinates as the license holder. This project is highly prospective and presently the most legitimate money making machinery someone can set up.

Hoping to hear back from you at your earliest convenience. I am very ready to prove my worth to you and possibly make us oil merchant.

Yours proposed partner,
Engr. Kelvin Lacerra

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