From Mohamed /Hope Zaki

My name is Mohamed Zaki i am 17 year old and my younger sister Hope Zaki 15 year old a Tunisia,with a consignment containing US dollars.

I and my younger sister write to seek for your help,  My name is Mohamed Zaki i am 17 year old and my younger sister Hope Zaki 15 year old a  Tunisia, we have a consignment containing United States dollars which our parent left for us  after their death. The consignments are presently in the State Now. The consignment gets to the State through the help of a Governmental Diplomat Dr David Lee. The fact is that (DIP) Dr David Lee is supposed to have delivered this consignment to a man called Mr. Hardee Warmack in the State.

The week (DIP)  Dr David Lee is suppose to deliver the consignment to him, when he got to the State after clearing the consignment from the Airport, he call Mr. Hardee Warmack to tell him the description to his house for the delivery, but a friend answered the call and told (DIP) Dr David Lee that Mr. Hardee Warmack and his wife hard a fatal car accident which lead to their death some few hours, So (DIP) Dr David Lee has to deposit the consignment in the storage department in the airport over there in State and called us to informed us about what is happening.

Please we want you to Contact the Diplomat so that he can be able to deliver the Consignment to you. And tell him that you have discuss this with us, and you want him to make the delivery to you as our new beneficiary, you can contact (DIP)  Dr David Lee on his email address, {} and here is also his phone number, ( +1 716-371-8980 )

Please, Contact (DIP) Dr David Lee on time and update me through mail {}. I await your urgent response.

Thanks and God bless you
Mohamed /Hope Zaki

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