Attention: Regarding Scam/Fraud Activities

US Department of Justice,
Office of Justice Programs.
950 Pennsylvania Ave,
Washington, DC 20530,
United States

Attention: Regarding Scam/Fraud Activities

The U.S Department of Justice on this day hereby inform you to avoid engaging in fraudulent activities going on over the world as we have a note on our desk that you have been in contact with some fraudsters all in the name of fund transfer/ATM card and Bank draft (cashier cheque). etc. Note that this email would serve as a caution to you to ignore any email or telephone calls which you’re certain about and comes mostly from this region in Africa such as, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Benin Republic, or any other country in Africa because your fund is no longer there.

You are required to stop further contact with these imposters else, your case file will be stamped as money laundry on this act, so therefore you are advised to get back to us with feed backs on all that has been provided to you by these impostors to aid our investigation in bringing the perpertrators who try to rip you off your hard earned income to book . In your own best interest, you are adviced to cooperate with us to get these swindlers red handed or we will inform the local police in your area to get you arrested.

We write you to know more details first, because it is the easiest way to meet our good citizens, so you are to provide us all necessary details to enable us track them down and we will further inform you about your paying bank to contact them regarding your uncompleted transaction as it is our duty to protect your interest.

We anticipate your spontaneous response soon else district measures would be applied as stated in the email.

Best Regards
Secretary to Attorney general.