Engr. Emos Nkosi

From: Engr. Emos Nkosi engremosnkosi@mail.com

Attn: Director / Ceo
My name is Engr. Emos Nkosi a senior government officer in the department of mining and industry of the federal republic of South Africa. I got your contact information’s from commercial department of your Country’s Embassy here in Pretoria South Africa. Based on the information regarding the reputation of your company, I have the same view of mutual understanding and trust in you pending when I receive your response in this subject matter.

I and two other senior Government officials from the department of Finance and Reserve Bank of South Africa has a total of {USD$17, 500,000.00 seventeen million five hundred thousand united states dollars only} to transfer into a foreign Company/individual Bank account safely pending our arrival for disbursement and investment of our share in your Company.

All we need is a foreign partner who will provide us with a reliable foreign Bank account with other necessary information that will facilitate the easy transfer of the money. We have unanimously agreed to give you 25% of the entire amount after the transfer, while 75% will be for us which will be deposited into our own individual account that you will help us open in your country on our arrival for disbursement.

For further instruction and details, please contact me immediately on my e-mail and also provide me with your fax and telephone numbers for easy communication.

I wait urgently for your response,

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation,

Best regards,

Engr. Emos Nkosi

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